async queuing

a resource access protocol and platform for people and businesses.

Q-link is a simple queuing primitive built on ERC721 and EAS with OpenGSN for gasless transactions.

  1. Owner creates a queue
  2. User enter the line and receives a ticket
  3. Owner pushes queue forward at their capacity
  4. User is notified
  5. Owner verifies signed ticket
  • Events
  • Barbershops
  • Baristas
  • Product launches
  • NFT drops
  • DAO memberships
  • Cinemas
  • Airlines
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Embeddable Queues

Queues can be embedded on any website in iframes.

<iframe src="" />

Admin dashboard

Overview of all your created queues

Admin dashboard

Manage Queue

See all minted tickets, push the queue forward, and scan to verify tickets.

Admin dashboard